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6 Valentines Regular Size Cupcakes

  • PLEASE NOTE: This item is a 1 week minimum notice item. 

    Once an order is placed the order is NON-REFUNDABLE.

     If an order is not placed within the time frame specified above, and if we can accommodate the order, it will be subject to a 20% rush fee. You will be contacted by a team member and you will have to pay the additional fee before the order can be fully processed. 


    Store pick-up hours:

    Tuesday 10am-6pm

    Wednesday 10am-6pm

    Thursday 10am-6pm

    Friday 10am-6pm

    Saturday 10am-6pm

    Sunday 9am-11am

    Monday CLOSED 


    Delivery hours:

    *Earliest delivery is from 10am-1130am

    *We use a 3rd party delivery service for all deliveries. Deliveries will be delivered within 1.5 hour of the time you choose, and delivery times may vary due to traffic. We are not liable for any damage that may happen in transit.

    Tuesday 10am-4pm

    Wednesday 10am-4pm

    Thursday 10am-4pm

    Friday 10am-4pm

    Saturday 10am-4pm

    Sunday 9am- 11am

    Monday CLOSED


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