Custom Holiday Designs  


Scroll below to view our beautiful cake pop and cookie designs and create your perfect holiday dessert table.


*NOTE: pricing below is per item. Cupcakes, cake pops and cookies are a minimum order of a dozen and you may get two designs per dozen. We can change any of the colors to match your theme!


*Please allow 7-10 days notice for custom orders as we hand make each order for you. However if you need the order sooner, please inquire and we do try to accommodate where possible. If you do not see the design you have in mind, you may email a picture of the design you prefer and if we can make it, we will send you a quote!



Email, call 818-277-6860 or fill out our online form for ordering or questions.


                                                  ONLINE ORDERING COMING SOON!!



4th of July


Watermelon Rice Treats
$3 each
Grill Cupcakes
$2.75 per mini cupcake, $4.25 regular size
Patriotic Cake Pops
$2.75 each
Brownie "Popsicles"
$2.75 each
Patriotic Cupcakes
$2.50 per mini cupcake, $4.00 regular size
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Easter Egg Cupcakes
Miniature $3.00 per cupcake
Easter Egg Cake Pops
$3.75 per cake pop
Easter Egg Cookies
$3.50 per cookie
Pastel Drizzle Cake Pop
$2.75 per cake pop
Chick Oreos
$2.25 per Oreo
Bunny Cookies
$3.00 per Cookie
Happy Easter Cookies
$4.25 per Cookie
Bunny Face Cookies
$3.00 Per Cookie
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Sayings Cupcakes
Miniatrue $3.00 per cucpake
Regular size $4.25 per cupcake
Valentines Cookies
Love heart $3.00 per cookie
Red/pink heart $3.00 per cookie
XO 3.00 per cookie
Love Cookie
$3.25 per cookie
Bear Cake Pops
$4.50 per cake pop
Heart Cake Pop
$3.75 per cake pop
Heart Cupcakes
Miniature $3.00 per cupcake
Regular size $4.50 per cupcake
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Broken Heart Cookie
$3.00 per cookie
Bad Heart Cake Pops
$3.00 per cake pop
Broken Cupcakes
Miniature $3.00 per cupcake
Regular size $4.75 per cupcake
Anti-Valentines Sayings Cake Pop
Both designs $3.25 per pop
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New Year's


Glitter Strawberries
$2.50 per Strawberry
Champagne Pops
$3.50 per pop
Champagne Glass Cookies
$3.50 per cookie
Gold Glitter Swirl Cake Pops
$3.00 per pop
New Years Cupcakes
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Snow Pops
Snowman $3.00 per pop
Snowflake $2.75 per pop
Winter Cookies
Snowflake $3.00 per cookie
Snowman $3.25 per cookie
Pink Glitter Snowflake
$4.00 per cookie
Winter Pops
Snowglobe $3.75 per pop
Mistletoe $3.25 per pop
Snow $3.00 per pop
Snowflake Miniature Cupcakes
Large blue $2.75 per cupcake
White disc $2.75 per cupcake
Double snowflake $2.75 per cupcake
Tiffany and Co Christmas cookies
Snowflake $3.00 per cookie
Present box $3.50 per cookie
Stocking $3.50 per cookie
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Candy Cane
$3.00 per cookie
$3.00 per cookie
Christmas Tree
$3.00 per cookie
Holiday Cupcakes
$3.00 per cupcake * any design
Ugly Sweater
$3.50 per cookie
$3.75 per cookie
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Glitter Santa Cake Pop
$3.75 per pop
Santa Hat Cupcake
Miniature $3.00 per cupcake
Regular Sie $4.50 per cupcake
$4.00 per pop
Santa Face $4.00 per cookie
Red Snowflake $3.25 per cookie
$3.00 per cupake
$3.25 per pop * any design
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Hanukkah Pops
Star $2.50 per cake pop
Menorah $2.75 per cake pop
Blue sprinkle $2.50 per pop
Hanukkah Cookies
Star $3.00 per cookie
Menorah $3.00 per cookie
Hanukkah Miniature Cupcakes
Star $3.00 per cupcake
Dreidel $3.25 per cupcake
Menorah $3.00 per cucpcake
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Golden Thanksgiving Cookies
Miniature Pies
In blueberry, apple, or pumpkin
"Pumpkin" strawberries
Rice Krispy "pumpkin pie"
Pumpkin pie pops
Festive fall pretzels
Thanksgiving Cookies
Thanksgiving Cake Pops
Pilgrim hat $3.00 per pop
Acorn $3.00 per pop
Pumpkin $3.00 per pop
Cornucopia$ 4.50 per pop
Cherry Pie Cake Pop
$3.75 per pop
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