About us

Do you feel......

Supermarket cakes are too sweet and flavorless?

The most popular custom cake shops overpriced and booked for months? 

AND you just don't have the time to bake at home for your loved ones due to your hectic schedule?​

I get it. I felt the same 10 years ago when I wanted to have the best 1st birthday cake for my oldest son, Abraham.

Don't sweat it, I'm here to help. You, your loved ones, your corporate events, and other special celebrations deserve perfection and we're here to ensure you get just that.


Is that a bold statement? It sure is, because:

Our menu is delicious. 

You can taste our passion with every bite.

AND you can rest assured that our number 1 priority is to ensure your event is a success.

Make us part of your celebration event today!

Btw, I (Mae) am the owner of Sugar Babies Bake Shop. My passion are my 3 kids and cakes! Come in or call me anytime. 


Have a custom request?  Send me an